Elijah Petty

Digital Marketer


Here is a list of my main skills. I am certified in Google Ads, Analytics, and Tag Manager. I also possess certifications in Email & Social media Marketing, and Adobe Suite.

Web Design & CMS

I can set up as well as manage WordPress sites, design reponsive websites through the use of Dreamweaver and implement programming by usage of HTML & CSS. Finally, I can conduct UI designs before beginning the web development process.

Paid Media

I can manage Google ads accounts as well as set up SEM and SMM campaigns for both Google and Facebook. Conduct keyword analysis and A/B split testing as well as collect and analyze data for better performance.


I can conduct SEO audits on websites to discover their weaknesses and gaps that are affecting their performance and ranking in search engines.


I can use Google Analytics to collect data on how people interact with your Ad campaigns and website and use Google search console for better website optimization. Also, thanks to Tag Manager I can install pixels enabling me to collect more data.

Marketing Strategy

Having conducted two academic types of research in the field of digital marketing I am capable of implementing the most optimal strategy that would generate leads and traffic for your business.

Content Marketing

I can create engaging content that drives leads on social media platforms. I master Adobe Suite, primarily Indesign, Photoshop, XD and After Effects.​


  • Coupon card created in Photoshop (left).
  • Billboard advertisement created in Photoshop (middle right).
  • Flyer created in Indesign (bottom).
  • HTML5 Banner Ad created in Adobe Animate.
Web Design

Content Management System

•    Responsive web design created through the use of WordPress and conducted On-site SEO optimization with Yoast including title tags, site architecture, content, internal linking: utilized competitive keyword research to determine rankability and find long-tail keywords. Implemented email marketing campaigns with the purpose of generating leads. View website here

•    Responsive showcase website created in Dreamweaver using HTML & CSS. Click here to see the UI design

Social Media & Website Traffic


• I used Google Analytics to analyze the traffic to my website blog. Within just two days, I was able to increase the number of visitors and email subscriptions via the newsletter. View Data Studio report

• BV Innovation is a recruiting firm very active on LinkedIn. During the time I managed their social media account I manage to increase their visitors by 75%, followers by 150%, impressions by 315%, and clicks by 600%.

• On the bottom-right is a Facebook page cover and on the bottom-left are Instagram posts. Both were created in Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Indesign

Desktop Publishing

During my time collaborating with Powerful Africa I did various desktop publishing and layout designing for the monthly magazine such as the one showcased on the left. This is issue is for the month of March.

  • During my time working at the Tourist information center in Verdun I did various desktop publishing and layout designing as showcased above.
  • Magazine created in Indesign.
  • Interactive document created in Indesign. Click on the document to interact in full display.

Adobe Photoshop

  • Video edtiting + Parallax effect

(Click on the image to see effect)

  • Sky peeling like fabric effect + Image inside bottle effect + Smoke effect
  • Oil painting effect + Poster against wall effect
  • Double Exposure effect + Brushing mastery + Mockup effect

GIF data graphics created in adobe After Effects

Magazine Translation: French to English

During my time collaborating with Powerful Africa I did various translations from French to English such as the one showcased here. These issues are for the months of May and April.

French to English

Booklet Translation

During my time working at the Tourist information center in Verdun I did various translations from French to English such as the one showcased on the left.

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